Forefather - The Fighting Man

Posted on Sunday, April 03, 2011

This is album number two for England’s favorite heathen sons, Forefather, and though they were borderline Emperor/Satyricon on their debut disc, this one pushes them totally in the league of the Folk/Viking Metal king, Falkenbach. There were some Folk melodies and ideas on their debut, but The Fighting Man pushes that even further. The songs all have more individual identity, the guitars are thicker and the whole product is 100% better. For me, the standout track had to be the closer, “When Our England Died,” because it actually evokes an emotion from me which very, very few bands are able to do. Maybe it’s the strange attachment I have for medieval Europe (England and Scotland in particular - that’s where most of my ancestors are from), but it did the job, whatever it was. Some might find Forefather’s lyrics to be a bit on the hokey side but I’ll take them over “kill your momma for Satan” style teenager-trying-to-be-evil lyrics, macho-boy testosterone fueled homosexuality and “we got our lyrics by rewriting Carcass songs” bullshit. In fact, I like this album so much that if Falkenbach can’t top it with their next album, Forefather might just dethrone them as king of the Folk Metal sub-genre.

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