Forefather - Last of the Line

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This album was actually released in 2011 by Seven Kingdoms (UK), but it took an entire year for it to see an official US release. For those unfamiliar with Forefather, think of them as the elder statesmen of the English Heritage Black Metal scene that produced bands like Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone. They were waving the flag of English pride before anybody else, but few people paid any attention to them. Their debut album, 1999’s Deep Into Time, was one of the prized pieces in my collection of obscure Black/Folk/Pagan Metal records. They’ve evolved considerably since those days, morphing into a more hook-laden Folk Metal band over the years. This, their sixth LP, is one of their strongest yet. The songwriting is noticeably tighter and the riffing is very memorable. Where their old material lacked strong hooks and choruses, Last of the Line is full of them. This gets your head banging from the first song and by the time “Into the Rising Sun” is finished, your neck is absolutely shot. Though there are strong Folk elements on this album, Forefather isn’t one of those “beer tent at the Renaissance Faire” Folk Metal bands. This is more like Viking-era Bathory but focused on English lore and mythology. If you’re a fan of Winterfylleth or Wodensthrone, I definitely recommend checking out Last of the Line.

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