Flesh Throne - Onslaught

Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let’s see… Brutal, down-tuned guitars? Check. Guttural, monotone vocals? Check. Originality checked in at the door? Check. Flesh Throne, you are cleared for takeoff. It’s nice to know that someone still thinks aping Incantation is a great idea, because I’m sure Darkthrone and Burzum are getting kind of sick of being blamed for all the shitty, sub-par Metal music that’s out there. Flesh Throne is essentially cookie-cutter Brutal Death Metal that huge numbers of bands produced back in the early ’90s when Black Metal was still “underground.” Going against the trend is admirable, but ultimately you live and die by how good your music is. Onslaught isn’t horrible. It’s just unoriginal. The songs chug along at a steady pace, pounding your face in like a giant pile driver. The vocals are utterly bestial and guttural to the point of unintelligibility. All things that have been done to death. There aren’t any blatant technical mistakes, but nothing here pops out and says “now that was fucking cool!” (A sin that Incantation committed any number of times, too). For a jaded Metal fan like me, generic Death Metal gets my dick about as hard as watching an hour of Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Since Masterpiece Theater is essentially the anti-Viagra, Onslaught sits firmly in erectile dysfunction city. Unless you absolutely must own every Death Metal release, you can skip this and not miss out on anything.

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