Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011

The first thing I thought of when I threw this on was that it sounded a lot like the soundtrack for an evil Disney cartoon. That assumption proved wrong after a few more minutes of listening, but a lot of this does sound like the soundtrack to a medieval fantasy type of movie but with Black Metal vocals and shit. There is a heavy Folk influence (medieval or renaissance period European Folk to be precise) which makes Finntroll sound like the band Falkenbach mixed with Otyg or In Extremo. The riffs are simplistic in the Hellhammer style with memorability the key feature. The dominant instrument, as you may imagine, is the keyboard. The rest of the instruments are kind of buried underneath somewhere. I can hear the chainsaw guitars but I can’t make out the riffs very well sometimes. I’m not sure what the songs are about as they are all written in the band’s native tongue, Finnish. Sure, there are lyrics enclosed and the band has thoughtfully included a brief explanation of the songs’ meanings (these were written in English) but due to a very shitty layout job, the vast bulk of this stuff was unreadable. Black ink over a dark background = illegible text, if you require math for this one. That little mishap got them a minor point deduction, but on the whole, this is an album for all you Folk-influenced Black Metal people out there to pick up.

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