Fear My Thoughts - Vulcanus

Posted on Monday, March 07, 2011

I’m not sure why the press release calls this “melodic Thrash.” I guess that it’s so necessary to label things that even an inaccurate label is better than none at all. What we really have from this German band is a weird mix of styles that does incorporate a dash of Thrash (think Kreator or Destruction), but concentrates on newer ideas such as Mallcore-style “clean” vocals on the choruses, staccato riffing, goofy keyboards and synth f/x, and pretty much anything else you might think of. When not being weird for its own sake, these guys can manage some cool moments. But they never last, and that just makes it all the more frustrating to sit though the duration of this album. Every time I started to really enjoy what was going on, something popped up to ruin it. A more focused approach seems like the way to go to me. However, I’d bet that FMT does the exact opposite, and subsequent releases only get more and more strange and disjointed. They’ll consider that to be “growth,” I’m sure.

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