Facedowninshit - Shit Bloody Shit

Posted on Monday, March 07, 2011

Featuring tracks from the band’s split 10-inch record (with Cold Electric Fire), Concrete World album, and Ain’t a Fucking Demo tape, this is more a compilation than an album, but who cares what you want to call it, because by any name is is one fucking awesome CD. At times this is the most melodic Crust/Hardcore I think I’ve ever heard, but that’s perfectly balanced out with not only the expected speed and raw aggression, but also some slower, heavier, early-Black-Sabbath-style Sludge/Doom. It’s just beyond belief sometimes! Everyone in the band is credited with “voice,” so I’m not sure who is screaming what, but these guys sound like they are of a single, all-powerful, voicebox, delivering the tortured rasp of someone fighting for his life. I’d mention some of the cooler lyrics, but I don’t have the space (or inclination) to retype the entire booklet here. I’ve got a huge stack of CDs here to review, but it still took all my willpower to crowbar this one out of the player after about six spins, and it’s going back in the first chance I get.

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