Exmortis - Resurrection… Book of the Dead

Posted on Monday, February 06, 2012

Exmortis main-man Brian Werking has suffered through lineup problems since this band’s inception. At one point, twenty years ago, the rest of the guys all mutinied and tried to take the name with them, eventually changing it to Horror of Horrors, but for a while there were two Exmortises. After a few tracks on tributes albums around the turn of the century and a pair of demo/rare tracks compilations earlier in 2011, Werking finally appeared to be ready to bring back Exmortis full time, and I could hardly wait to hear it. Once again, a stable lineup was apparently not possible, and from what I can tell, it seems as if Werking had to record everything himself for this short EP, and it sounds like it, with what appears to be a (well programmed) drum machine and no audible bass. Discounting the intro and outro, there’s really only about 14 minutes of music here, and that’s not much to go on. I don’t have any complaints about this long-awaited return of Exmortis’s decidedly Thrashy Death Metal, but even after 443556 listens, it isn’t really sticking with me after it’s over. A beefier production would have helped, but in any case, this EP feels more like a taste of things to come than anything else. Hopefully Werking can recruit a stable band to back him up and return soon with the very first full-length Exmortis album in the band’s nearly 25 year existence.

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