Exciter - New Testament

Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

For reasons that remain the band’s own, Exciter has re-recorded 15 songs ranging from the ancient “Heavy Metal Maniac” (1983), to the comparatively recent “Brutal Warning” (from 2000’s Blood of Tyrants). I can understand why a band might want to re-record some old songs. On some occasions this has produced impressive results, and in some ways does here. But as with every time this has been done, I think that only people who really like the band will be interested in hearing this, and that’s exactly the same group of people who will for the most part prefer the original recordings simply because they are the original recordings. Perhaps a more effective way to “update” old songs would have been to release a live album. However, it’s impossible to deny how much these tracks Thrash your brains out, despite the fact that even re-recorded a couple of them seem rather archaic.

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