Evergrey - The Dark Discovery

Posted on Saturday, February 26, 2011

Imagine Thrash, maybe like Dark Angel, but with more Soundgarden-ish (from the Badmotorfinger era) vox. Evergrey play with such conviction and skill, and these songs are all so instantly memorable, that you just can’t help but to like it. And upon repeated listens, you begin to understand just how awesome this LP really is. Like all masterpieces, it reveals a little more with each spin, and although it might only take once to like it and remember it, you’ll need to let it play a few times to really start to appreciate how much they put into this, and how close to perfection it really is. Which is ex-fucking-tremely. And it just might also possess the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen, with a clear-tray digipack and full color booklet. Did I mention that they have a guest solo from none other than Andy LaRocque? I may well look back on this later and wish I’d given it a 10. It’s that close.

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