Emmure - Speaker of the Dead

Posted on Monday, February 21, 2011

Much like a deep-fried Baconator with griddle cakes used instead of buns, Emmure’s music is in no way healthy, nutritional, or good for you. But god damn is it delicious! The fifth release (fourth full-length) from Frankie Palmeri and company boasts the most ridiculously heavy bass drum/palm muting synchronizations ever recorded, and the lyrics are just as bitter, foul-mouthed, and ghetto as ever before. These guys seem to take a lot of shit for aping The Acacia Strain’s style, and comparisons are undeniably obvious, but would either band’s current sound exist without 2004-2006 era Bury Your Dead? Just saying, everything sounds like something, and in this case at least it’s something good. The production on this album is fucking immaculate, even more so than 2009’s Felony, and that is really the only change. The happily non-forsaken breakdowns crush, while skillfully manipulated squealing harmonics pop, lock and drop, and Palmeri’s voice can go anywhere from demented wigger to demon from the deepest abyss of Hades. Some of that more sonorous Deftones-style melody rears its pretty face here and there, although the majority of the record is the business end of the wine bottle. Forty minutes of ferociously heavy, bitter negativity somehow makes me happy.

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