Eminenz - Nemesis Noctura

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011

I have no idea how I could have possibly missed Eminenz’s 2007 self-titled album, but somehow it slipped past me unnoticed. So, although I quickly sorted out that mistake, I first listened to Nemesis Noctura with the idea that it had been 11 years since the band’s last LP, 2000’s amazing The Blackest Dimension, and I was relieved -but not surprised- to hear that these German blasphemers’ majestic combination of Black and Death Metal had changed little over the years. They’re too smart for that. And you can be damn sure that I’ve since then tracked down a copy of Eminenz (but have been too busy listening to this album 666 times to prepare for this review to spin it - yet)! All the songs here have unique identities, some more straightforward Death Metal (the slightly Amon Amarthish “Land of Lies”), others vehemently Black Metal (the title track), and even a touch of Thrash (“Northern Destroyer”), plus the symphonic interludes, “Blood Ritual” and “Ancient Silence.” And that’s not even mentioning the very Acheron-like (which I consider to be quite a compliment!) “Satan’s Invokation,” or the ominous cover of Venom’s “In League with Satan”! Lesser bands wouldn’t be able to tie everything together and make all of these styles work as an album rather than a collection of songs, but Eminenz is no ordinary band, and they achieve the seemingly impossible with no problem whatsoever. If there were any justice in this dismal world, these guys would have had Sony throwing dump trucks full of cash at them to release this masterpiece, rather than having to do it themselves.

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