Eisheilig - Eisheilig

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eisheilig play dark, Gothic music that exudes a creepy, suffocating atmosphere. The lyrics are sung entirely in German, so I have absolutely no idea what the songs are about. From the ominous, brooding vocals to the thick, profound nature of the guitars, these guys have been heavily influenced by Type O Negative. I have heard only a few songs by The Cure (fortunately), but I can hear some of that band’s influence as well. For Goth music, there are some heavier than usual guitar-riffs present especially in track 4: “Vater Unser.” Track 8, “Das Tier,” has an almost Fear Factory feel with its crunchy guitars and Industrial, fast drum-sound. These elements give Eisheilig an edge on other bands of this genre. A cover of “Love Street” by The Doors closes the album. Goth has never been my bag, but those of you who appreciate this genre will surely enjoy this release.

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