Einherjer - Norwegian Native Art

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is album number three for Viking Metal stalwarts Einherjer and for whatever reason, they have never really taken off. They had one album on Napalm, one on Century Media and now one on what I assume is their own label. The music of Einherjer is quite good, blending older Heavy Metal and Classical bits together to form a sound that is pretty much unique. As before, there are plenty of references to the Norse gods and the lyrics are markedly better than Odin Owns Ye All because they have gotten rid of most of the hokey parts. Unfortunately, some hokey parts still exist. I don’t know if these guys should be singing in English, as this might actually flow better (and make more sense) in Norwegian. Musically, Einherjer is quite good but at the same time, the music just doesn’t grab you. It’s good, just not that interesting. When an album gets boring, especially not that far in, it is always a bad thing. Einherjer has the talent. They also have good ideas. Now let’s see if album number 4 can grab my attention the way it should.

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