Einherjer - Blot

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Norway’s second oldest Viking/Asatru/Odinist band (Enslaved being the oldest), Einherjer, returns once again with Blot, a more diverse and oddly compelling album. Imagine if you will, an album that fuses Classical, Thrash, Black/Viking Metal and traditional Heavy Metal with a touch of Folk. Musically, the structures Einherjer employs more closely resembles Classical for the most part, occasionally veering into Thrash or Traditional Metal territory. Though the vocals are still growled (or would the description be more concise if I said they were “snarled”?), but other than that, much of their old Black Metal influence has waned considerably. Blot is an album Power Metal enthusiasts will probably enjoy more than your average Black Metal demon. I would like to stick this album in the same category as Haggard or Therion because they take that Classical element and run with it, creating a sound more unique and orchestral than brutal or aggressive.

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