Eidetic - Non Conspicuous Warning

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This four-song demo has excellent production, I have heard albums from bands signed to major labels that didn’t sound this good. The cover has two colors, band photos, a thanks list and all the lyrics. Very professional throughout. Musically, Eidetic is Thrash. Usually fast and pretty memorable, but the guitar sound is not especially heavy- the distortion is smoother than what I normally hear. The drum sound is the best I have heard recently on a demo. Now we get to Morten’s vocals. He sings, not as much as Russ Anderson (Forbidden), but it’s singing and I know some of you don’t go for that. The vocals fit with the music, however, and it would sound wrong if either were heavier individually. All the songs are interesting and I think you should check ‘em out.

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