Earth Crisis - Slither

Posted on Monday, December 13, 2010

That’s weird; the CD says “Earth Crisis” on it, but when I hit the play button, out came the new Fear Factory CD. No, I’ll be honest, I really dig this record. I think these guys were long overdue for some type of musical spice-up. Their sound is now equal parts brutal Hardcore and the Billboard Top 40 / 7-string guitar fueled “New Metal.” While it sucks to see a Death or Thrash band go this route, I suppose it could be a more natural “progression” for a Hardcore band. Plus Earth Crisis doesn’t go overboard with it. The more radio-friendly areas only make the traditional EC stomping rhythms seem more brutal. Let’s face it, they were never going to be able to top Gomorrah’s Season Ends in terms of brutality, aggression, and anthemic memorability. It was a bit awkward to hear their stylistic change at first, but after a couple beers and a fat joint, I was banging my head just like the old days. About these guys’ lyrics: I just want them and every other Straight Edge person out there to understand that I do realize that by doing drugs, smoking, and consuming large quantities of meat, that I am killing myself and destroying my body. Being not at all in denial about that, a song like “Killing Brain Cells” becomes a dramatic narration for my demise that I am more than happy to precipitate. Damn, I’m tired of writing [And I of typing! -Ed.]. I think it’s time to hit McDonald’s. I’ll bring this CD for the drive.

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