Drawn and Quartered - Extermination Revelry

Posted on Saturday, December 04, 2010

Album number two for Washington’s Drawn and Quartered has been a long time coming. Their debut, To Kill Is Human, was arguably one of the better Death Fucking Metal albums out there at the time, but Extermination Revelry is clearly a step up. One of the things that I thought To Kill Is Human lacked was intensity. The crystal clear production made every instrument audible, yet at the same time, it took a lot of the feeling out of their sound. Extermination Revelry is still well produced (I’ve yet to see an album released under the Moribund name that has shit sound), but it is much heavier and more intense. The guitar is also more up front, making the riffs clearer. The music is also a bit more on the Thrash side, adding some more memorability to the songs and the guitar solos are also something to note. This band has clearly aged well, producing an album that not only tops their last, but really stands out amidst the sea of generic-as-all-fucking-Hell Death Metal out there.

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