Dragony - Legends

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2013

I’ve seen this album slagged on a number of sites for not being powerful enough. I certainly agree that the sound isn’t as potent as it could be. When you compare it to the top tier bands in their chosen genre (Power Metal), Dragony definitely lacks the proper punching power on Legends. I’m not going to hold that against them, though. This is their debut album and it was originally self-financed and self-released. When you’re paying for everything out of your own pocket, you’re not going to have the budget of a band like Stratovarius or Rhapsody. Musically, this started out as a very ambitious project and has since been scaled back to more realistic levels. Even so, it still sounds very ambitious. Dragony does a fair job of achieving their goals. The music is very well done, though if you’re a fan of Power Metal, you’re really not getting anything you haven’t heard before. That is the main downfall of this album, if there is one. Yes, it doesn’t go anywhere other bands haven’t gone before. The thing is, most fans of this genre listen to Power Metal for everything that Dragony is dishing out. Do you like soaring guitar solos? They’re here. Lyrics about slaying dragons and legendary warriors? Absolutely. Epic atmosphere and bombast? A more powerful production would’ve made this more apparent, but it’s here too. If you’re an old Dungeons and Dragons nerd, this could be the soundtrack to your youth. If you love Power Metal and you can’t get enough of the things I just mentioned, Dragony isn’t going to disappoint you. I actually enjoyed this album quite a bit. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, but then I grew up on Ronnie James Dio’s lyrics about witches and dragons. In a reality where life revolves around work, work and more work, Legends offers a brief escape from dealing with assholes, hipsters, overly aggressive homeless people and clueless political activists. I’ll take any escape I can get, and Dragony’s world of dragons and the mighty warriors that slay them is far better than what I’m leaving behind.

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