Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell

Posted on Saturday, December 04, 2010

An immense improvement for this Swedish Doom group. Okay, so they might be hearing from the lawyers of My Dying Bride, Theatre of Tragedy, and November’s Doom about a possible copyright infringement suit, but this is still leagues above 2003’s Where Lovers Mourn. The biggest difference is that the female vocals are not as prevalent. Yes, they are still slightly overbearing even in moderation, but most of this album is dominated by Anders Jacobsson’s solid Death growls. I could do without his frequent gay talking, but the lyrics are so downright despondent and tormented I can try to look past it. As I said, there isn’t much here you haven’t heard their aforementioned influences pull off already, but the pain of life demands a healthy selection of hope forsaken, gloomy Doom to choose from, and Draconian have made their first worthwhile addition to mine.

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