Dr. Acula - Slander

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2011

The only knowledge I had of this Long Island Deathcore unit prior to having to review it was that all the major Metal print media (Decibel, Terrorizer, etc…) REALLY hated it. One publication even gave it a 0/10! I don’t know about you, but if Kevin Stewart-Panko & Co. don’t like something that much I figure it must be good. At the very least it makes me want to check it out. It’s immediately apparent halfway through the second track, “Fire Crotch,” why said douchebags don’t like it. While it is heavy and brutal, it’s essentially party music. And there’s nothing more sinister and tainted than the word “party” to a human being who’s only companion in life is the searing glare of his/her computer screen. I think Slander is a good time, granted I have had sex, and while this band clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, they never become more joke than band. The humor doesn’t destroy the listening process. Musically it’s standard Bury Your Dead-style Metalcore with heavy breakdowns, which I still like and probably always will because I’m not a trendfucker who stops liking something just because everyone else has. I’ll tell you, if this band wanted to shed just a little of their “fucking around” vibe, like the Cock Rock bullshit on “Cocaine Avalanche” or the queer intro riff to “Slampig (…and Then the Bitch)” to name a couple, they would really be fucking dangerous. But for the most part I like what they’re doing. The Earth Crisis-style screams work well with the Whitechapel-style growls, the lyrics are hilarious in an evil way, and the release overall for lack of a better word is fun. I’ll take this over whatever everyone’s favorite Neurosis clone is this month any day of the week.

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