Dominion3 - The Hand and the Sword

Posted on Saturday, November 06, 2010

This band is the side project of two of the members of Dargaard, Tharen and Elisabeth Toriser. Most of the ads and promo copy I’ve seen of this band calls them Darkwave. I’d say they were closer to being Dark Ambient or keyboard based Industrial than Darkwave, because Darkwave tends to sound like Disco music with Gothy “oh my life is so fucked up” lyrics. A good example of a Darkwave band is Depeche Mode. Does Dominion3 sound anything like Depeche Mode? I think not. Dominion3 sounds much more like a cross between Mortiis, Plasma Pool (without Attila’s evil vocals) and a Gothic band in the vein of Dead Can Dance. There are some “Blackish” moments where the Black Metal roots of the band show through. The music itself is very listenable and there is some definitely dark atmosphere generated here. This is one for the Gothy folks to pick up.

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