Dodsferd - Spitting with Hatred, the Insignificance of Life

Posted on Friday, March 04, 2011

Dodsferd isn’t the first band I think of when Greek Black Metal is mentioned, nor is it even in the top 10. But repeated listens to the often melancholy, depressing Spitting with Hatred…, are convincing me that perhaps it’s time to re-examine the list. Although typically billed as a one-man band, singer/guitarist Wrath actually gets a little help on bass and drums from members of his other group, Nadiwrath, which I haven’t heard yet, but am looking forward to. Wrath’s screechy vocals are at best an acquired taste, but are generally tortured enough to fit the music. He occasionally tries styles (too-high-and-thin, clean-ish, “ooh,” etc…) that don’t really work in this context, which holds the album back from a higher rating.

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