Dissection - Reinkaos

Posted on Friday, November 05, 2010

Rumor has it that mainman Jon Nodtveidt has recently killed himself, allegedly while partaking in some Satanic ritual. If true, it sucks that we’ve lost another gifted Metal mind, but if you’re going to commit suicide, a Satanic ritual is probably the way to go. That would also mean that Reinkaos, the first new material from these legendary Swedes in over a decade, will be the last thing Dissection ever puts out after all. Well, if you’re expecting The Somberlain 2 you’ll probably be disappointed, but you shouldn’t be. When your main creative force is behind bars for seven years, your sound is bound to change somewhat, but this album is extremely focused and refreshing. The songwriting is sharp, everything sounds heavier, and the technical proficiency has a startling resemblance to latter-era Death. The lyrics are pure Satanic blasphemy, and Nodtveidt’s voice is venomously raspy and completely intelligible. There are actually pit-designed riffs on this record, something I never thought I’d hear on a Dissection album, but was pleased to find. I’m not saying it beats the old stuff, but it’s just as cool in a different way. Plus it’s the last we’ll hear from Dissection, making it as mandatory as can be. Farewell, Jonny! Artistic even in death. Maybe I’ll find the strength someday.

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