Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles - Bigger than Ron Jeremy

Posted on Saturday, October 30, 2010

The best of their three CDs, this album starts off with a Lounge act intro to “Last Man in the Gang Bang,” which I think is pretty funny. Also cool is the fact that this is noticeably heavier than their previous albums, with some of the songs being real Thrashers (such as my favorite, the pork smoking perfection of “Officer Friendly Takes a Dirt Nap”), and nods to Godzilla, and 2 Live Crew. Yeah, these guys aren’t afraid to cover any kind of musical ground, and really seem to like to mix it up, as evidenced by their choice of covers: “Bark at the Moon” (which is done comedy-free, other than the natural humor that is Ozzy Osbourne), “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” (shortened, and renamed “Hit Me With Your Wet Twat”), and every song Anal Cunt ever recorded, which Dick D has called “Variations on the Secret Anal Cunt Chord Progression.” And they make fun of Motley Crue (check out “Motley Kazoo”). Okay, this isn’t for everyone, I know that. So if you take yourself way too seriously, you might want to avoid this. But then you’d be missing out on the Grind ending of their rendition of “Roll Out the Barrel,” and such classics as “Real Men Don’t Wear Rubbers,” the aforementioned “Officer Friendly…,” and “I Love You for Your Pussy.”

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