Diamond Eyed Princess - Pagan Rite

Posted on Friday, October 29, 2010

This band is a perfect example of a band that is trying to evolve their sound, yet at the same time, they are weighed down by the conventions of the style they started playing. Diamond Eyed Princess probably started out as a Darkthrone/Burzum/Emperor influenced band that gradually began playing more and more Medieval European Folk styled material. The problem is that while the Folk stuff is awesome, DEP insists on throwing in stuff that is essentially Darkthrone/Burzum/Emperor worship. The inclusion of this raw, chaotic Black Metal stuff really throws off the flow of the album and to tell the truth, it doesn’t sound all that good either. The real strength of DEP is the Folk stuff. If you like bands like The Soil Bleeds Black, Lord Wind or the Medieval stuff by Blood Axis, the bulk of this album will appeal to you. For the band, stick to the Folk stuff. Ditch the “traditional” Black Metal stuff because you’re actually bringing down the quality of your album.

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