Devian - Ninewinged Serpent

Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For those of you unaware, as I was at first, this is Legion’s new band. The former (and sorely missed) Marduk vocalist has gone down a new path of creativity. Don’t expect the lightning fast Black Metal assault of Marduk, as Devian (which also features ex-Marduk drummer Emil Dragutinovic) are a much more Old School affair. Blending Thrash and melodic Death in a very impressive and anthemic manner, accompanied by Legion’s trademark blasphemous snarl, Devian don’t exactly break new ground, but hold their own as well as anyone to ever attempt this style. And that goes for the elder gods as well. Speaking of which, the echoes of Slayer, Possessed, and Venom are found throughout Ninewinged Serpent, but this is no half-ass, retro-throwback cash-in. It’s as modern as it is vintage. Think along the lines of Dissection’s swansong LP or even a much-improved take on the Immortal spin-off, I. Attempts to pigeonhole this album are futile and irrelevant. If you can’t take a catchy Death/Thrash approach featuring one of the most timeless Black Metal voices of the last decade for what it is, you’re hopeless anyway. Bleak lyrics and no-bullshit riffs make for a release that’s about a thousand times more memorable than anything Marduk’s done lately.

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