Destructor - Maximum Destruction

Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010

The mystic warrior of Metal surveys the desolate wasteland. Forsooth, what is that gleaming in the apocalyptic horizon? Alas, it doth be a time capsule from the year nineteen hundred and eighty-six. [A good guess, as unbeknownst to Brainhammer or the evil Doktor Necrosis this is actually a reissue and was originally released in 1985 on Auburn Records. -Editor] Contained therein is…Destructor! Amidst the bullet belts and mirrorshades come 15 tracks of archaic Power Metal. Inspired by the likes of such paragons of Metal as Anthrax, Exodus, and Manowar, this Ohio based quartet have mastered the art of time travel and sent us this album of forgotten lore. Pray tell, what does this Master of Metal say about this? Say thee nay! Leave it where it lies.

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