Demonist - ...Undead

Posted on Saturday, October 23, 2010

You know, this just doesn’t sound right… Maybe it’s just me but I think Demonist just doesn’t fit in with the Black Metal genre. You know all those upbeat Iron Maiden wannabe riffs you hear on almost every Hammerfall song? Well, they’re here. In fact, this whole album had me thinking that Demonist was the bastard offspring of Hammerfall and Dimmu Borgir with an emphasis on Hammerfall. Yes, the keyboards are the dominant instrument on this album, but at the same time the “happy” riffs call attention to themselves by really not being very evil sounding or dark in the least. The Classically influenced keyboard work also doesn’t lend much of a menacing atmosphere at all. The only song on here that has the least bit of that evil-old Black Metal feeling is “The Pit” - and that was written by Storm from Master’s Hammer (remember them? I sure do!). Oh yeah, the sole member of this band also has several pictures of himself decked out in his “evil makeup”… A word of advice for all the newbies out there: Use corpse-paint and makeup only if you know how to make yourself look suitably evil. If you look like a fucking dork - or worse yet, like a fucking queer (like this guy, for instance. I thought he was a woman at first) - people are going to laugh at you. It’s probably better for you guys to leave all that shit at your girlfriend’s house and concentrate on your music instead.

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