Demoncy - Joined in Darkness

Posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hell! Yet another Demoncy album! Baphomet Records has been doing a lot of dredging within the scene these days. I’m not sure that Killjoy intends to attempt a resurrection of the older days of Black and Death Metal but it certainly seems that way. This sounds like something that was recorded back in 1993! Anyway, this is the third full-length album by Demoncy and this release sees Demoncy becoming a solo project. The other members have departed and the only one left is Ixithra (who also is the sole member of Profane Grace). Joined in Darkness sounds rawer, more bestial and certainly more like a band going for feeling rather than technical ability. No flashy guitar masturbation, no complex, technical riffs, no solos, no polish - you just get pure, ugly, Black Fucking Metal. While the last album sounds more in the Darkthrone vein, album number three has much more of a Death Metal feel. If you can imagine a primitive as fuck Death Metal sound mixed with raspy, quasi-whispered vocals, you pretty much get this album. Joined In Darkness is raw, primitive and evil - the way Black Fucking Metal is supposed to be.

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