Defleshed - Death… the High Cost of Living

Posted on Monday, October 18, 2010

My first question about this release is “Is Defleshed really ready to release a live album/EP?” These guys have two albums and an EP or two to their credit, but to release a live recording at this stage seems kind of strange. And it’s short too. Sure, there are 7 songs on this, but the whole set is a hair over 20 minutes long! For $15 I want at least a half-hour or it just isn’t worth it. In defense of the recording, the sound on this is good and sounds an awful lot like a digital bootleg (recorded by someone in the crowd using a Minidisc or portable DAT recorder). On a soundboard recording, you can hear almost zero crowd noise but there is plenty of it on this CD. It doesn’t detract from the band’s performance but you can tell this isn’t a “live in the studio” thing. Defleshed has a lot of energy live and though they sound a bit one-dimensional at times, they have a high ass-kickage factor. This release is limited to 1500 copies so if you’re the biggest Defleshed fan in the neighborhood, you’d better get this quick. On the other hand, I don’t see this one being a top priority as you can probably find something else in that price range that is better.

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