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Posted on Monday, October 18, 2010

Deceased is composed of Les Snyder (bass), Doug Sather (guitar), Mark Adams (guitar) and King Fowley (drums and vocals). King doesn’t let his singing get in the way of his drumming, which he excels at. All of the songs on the tape are cool, the only problem is it’s sometimes hard to tell where one song ends and the next one starts. This is NOT because all the songs sound the same, but instead because so much is happening in each song: tempo changes galore and breaks of varying lengths as well as tons of different riffs. Perhaps it would be helpful to put a bit more space between the songs. Also the quality of the recording left something to be desired, but this is a demo. Vocally King seems to combine a Death Metal raw growl and a sort of Hardcoreish kind of yell, and it’s cool as Hell. Musically Deceased reminds me of Slayer, Vio-Lence and Nuclear Assault all combined into one. Deceased shows a lot of promise.

{I’d like to think that everyone reading these unhallowed pages knows what has happened to Deceased. To make it short, they were signed by the then small label Relapse, and have had a very impressive series of releases, most notably 1997’s near perfect Fearless Undead Machines. Deceased main man King Fowley also went on to play with the bands Doomstone and October 31, as well as running With Your Teeth Records, Old Metal Records, and publishing the zine Stay True, Stay Ugly, Stay Underground.}

[Notes in {curly brackets} are from the Metal Curse 1 - 4 Collected Edition (1999)]

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