Dead Kennedys - The Early Years Live (video)

Posted on Saturday, October 16, 2010

As with the above reviewed DVD [DMPO’s on Braodway -Editor], I’ve had a tape of this for a long, long time. This digital version offers somewhat improved sound and video quality as well as short features on the band members and the band itself. And those are interesting, but probably unnecessary to anyone who would buy this. As the title indicates, these live clips are from early on in this seminal Punk band’s career (from 1979 - ‘81), and include such classics as “California Uber Alles,” “Kill the Poor,” “The Man With the Dogs” (which is one of my all time faves), “Holiday in Cambodia,” their cover of “Viva Los Vegas,” a news report on Jello from when he was running for mayor of San Francisco, and more cool stuff. Obviously, this is a necessity!

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