Dead Horse - Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers

Posted on Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is the second Dead Horse LP, but it’s their first for Big Chief. This is an interesting band and they won’t be limited to only one style of music. There is everything from a B-52’s cover, “Rock Lobster,” to the Noise tune “Sawbone,” which is a bunch-of-screams-and-noise kind of thing. However, the majority of the music on this LP is pretty heavy Thrash with powerful, raw vocals. Sometimes Michael sounds like he’s in a Death Metal band, sometimes he’s a lot more melodic. The guitar sound is thick and heavy, and there is plenty of double bass action. And it’s all done Dead Horse style. This is an album you have to listen to, there’s a lot going on that’s easy to miss on the first few listens. It would be difficult to pick a favorite song, but my top three are (in no order): the mighty “Turn,” “Cod Piece Face” (formerly “Waiting for the Sun”) and “Like Asrielle.” There is one song, “Snowdogs,” that just doesn’t grab me for some reason, but that’s only one song out of 13. All things considered, this is a diverse and impressive effort.

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