Dark Faith - The Sentence of Satan

Posted on Friday, October 15, 2010

Probably the coolest thing about Dark Faith’s new album are the front and back covers. There are lots of naked women on them. That’s what makes it cool. Their brand of Black Metal, on the other hand, isn’t so great. I swear that I’ve heard all of this before - just from different bands. This doesn’t totally suck major donkey dicks (well… maybe they do, now that I think about it), but Dark Faith has a serious problem in the originality department - not to mention a few others. And the singer… This guy needs to stick some bass in his voice because he sounds like Donald Duck during a Satan-induced psychotic episode. That in itself takes this down a few because it doesn’t sound evil. It sounds stupid. It’s also fucking annoying. The guitars have that “we decided that our guitars needed absolutely no lower end” sound. This would have benefited from a thicker, heavier guitar tone and a singer with a lot more bass in his voice. Dark Faith shows a little promise but I truly believe that it’s much too early to tell for sure. Back in the early days of the scene, a band would have spent years doing demos before ever releasing an album. With the proliferation of labels and the ease in which you can release pro quality stuff, we see a lot of shit like this flooding the market. This band isn’t ready to be releasing a full-length album yet. They don’t have their own style, they don’t have their sound worked out and they seriously don’t have enough good songs to make shelling out money for their album worth it. My suggestion to the band is to spend the next couple years working on your stuff. Play a bunch of shows and rehearse like hell. Do demos and get feedback from labels, zines and your peers. Don’t put out another album until you’ve at least got an idea which direction you’re going to go and how you’re going to progress.

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