Danzig - Danzig II: Lucifuge

Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is the second LP from Danzig, and is no huge departure from the first. One thing that everyone seems to have missed is that this is a concept album: the songs collectively tell a story, at least I think so. I think it’s about someone that is sent to Hell and fights his way back out to say good-bye to his wife or lover, and then is sent back to Hell. Listen to the LP with this in mind and see if you can get all the songs to fit in with the concept. I have an explanation of how I think each one fits, but space prohibits a lengthy interpretation here. I would like to hear what you have to think about this, so send me a letter! [Oh! Back before the days of email and text messages! -Editor] Anyway, most of the songs are what you would expect from Danzig, but there is one that is strictly Blues: “I’m the One.” A ballad, and I mean a real ballad, numbnuts: “Blood and Tears.” And a couple of more experimental tracks: “777” and “Girl.” This LP tries to do a little too much sometimes, combining Blues and Metal along with Glenn’s Punk roots into an original sound. This is a damn fine LP, but it could have been more focused.

{The funny thing about this album is that it was released before Danzig got more well known with their video for “Mother.” But that’s a song from their first album… Weird, huh? And now only Mr. Danzig is left out of his formerly all-star line up, and the Misfits are back together without him. More weirdness. And to top it all off, the latest (although already pretty old by the time of this writing) Danzig album [Blackacidevil -Editor] is a complete departure towards Industrial, I guess you’d call it. I followed Danzig’s career all the way up to this most recent abortion of an album, but it seems that the evil Elvis may have finally lost his dog gone mind.}

[Notes in {curly brackets} are from the Metal Curse 1 - 4 Collected Edition (1999)]

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