Danzig - Archive de la Morte (video)

Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I’ve been a Danzig fan since the days of the original Misfits, so I was very happy to discover that someone was finally smart enough to release these video clips on DVD. Of course I have the old VHS tapes with some of the early videos, but I think that I can speak for all fans of the band when I say that we want all the videos on DVD. And that’s really the only flaw with this disc: it’s missing some key videos! Okay, there are three versions of “Dirty Black Summer,” two of “How the Gods Kill,” only one for “Sistinas,” but right back to multiple versions for “Bodies” (two), and “It’s Coming Down” (three), plus a live version (from 1993) of “Mother.” But where the hell are such classics as “She Rides,” “Killer Wolf,” “Cantspeak,” “Her Black Wings” and so on?!? Perhaps it was not possible to get the rights to some of these from the band’s former label, American Recordings, but if so then American should get off its ass and re-release those old tapes on DVD! As far as this DVD is concerned, I don’t know that I needed the extra versions of some of the videos, since they primarily consist of unused footage of the band playing, but it’s truly great to at least have some Danzig videos on a more permanent format than tape. If only it had all the band’s vids this would have been an easy ten.

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