D.O.A. - We Come in Peace

Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2012

UK-style Punk Rock so cheap and generic it should be on the shelf at Aldi’s. 35 years as a band, 14 albums into their career, and Canada’s D.O.A. are still on a Sex Pistols-first-practice skill level. While most Punk bands see fit to break up before they suck, the ones who’ve never been any good in the first place can’t take a hint. Is there anything sadder in this world than 60-year-olds dressed up as Punk Rockers, still whining like little bitches about the government? Is Canada’s government really all that bad? Don’t they all have free healthcare and something like 13 gun crimes a year? I honestly don’t know because I don’t give a shit about things I can’t control. It’s wasted energy to cry about politics. You want to escape your master’s hand? Kill yourself! You think Nick Drake or Ian Curtis worry about unjust wars and poverty? Do GG Allin, Kurt Cobain, or Jonas Bergqvist seem to be concerned about the upper 1% or foreign policy? Nope, they’re all free. And luckily for them, they missed hearing the low point of Jello Biafra’s storied career. His guest vocal spot on the corny “We Occupy” is downright nauseating. You’re better than that, Jello. Political lyrics are such an easy way out. Complaining about the government certainly isn’t hard to do, but what good comes of it? Do you really think some crooked politician or corrupt banker is going to hear a shitty Punk song and change his/her ways? We’re all slaves, always have been, always will be. Deal. Speaking of easy, this band’s music is so simple and basic it makes Skrewdriver sound like some kind of mind-boggling alien Prog. It’s total Punk-Rock-for-beginners, replete with the occasional first-guitar-solo-Chuck-Berry-ever-wrote. And when it isn’t grade school-level Punk rehash, it’s completely sickening happiness and fun. I vomited blood when I heard the bagpipes on “Dirty Bastards,” the Reggae-inspired “Walk Through This World,” and the Spaghetti Western vibe of “Man with No Name.” My, these blokes sure are jubilant and jolly for being so politically oppressed! Meanwhile, “Lost Souls” sounds like a Glam ballad, only to be outgayed by the weakest Beatles cover (“Revolution” of course) ever recorded. Fitting, as this is quite possibly the worst Punk album I’ve ever heard. Occupy a coffin.

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