Cultus Sanguine - The Sum of All Fears

Posted on Monday, October 04, 2010

You know what? After reviewing the Monumentum demo repress (Musaeum Hermeticum - out on Necropolis Records), I had to wonder, did these guys just pick up where that demo left off? I’m pretty sure that one of the members of Cultus Sanguine was once part of Monumentum. In a way, if you listen to the Monumentum demo and then listen to this, it almost sounds like the same band. Monumentum became more symphonic and keyboard-heavy (though containing similar feelings), but Cultus Sanguine is more guitar driven, with the keyboards taking a back seat. This is not to say that the keyboards are not an integral part of this band’s sound. They add atmosphere and flourish but they never overpower the guitars. This is Gothic Metal with the emphasis on Gothic rather than Metal. There is still plenty of Metal in this, creating a solid foundation for their other influences to build on. There are places on this when Cultus Sanguine get heavy and brutal, but these places are always tempered with somber atmospheric parts. Don’t listen to this if you get depressed easily. Trust me, you’ll end up slashing your own wrists.

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