Cruachan - Ride On

Posted on Monday, October 04, 2010

This MCD sort of reinforces the notion that Cruachan isn’t really very much of a Metal band anymore. Ride On has much more in common with a band like Wolfstone than with Iron Maiden, and if you look at their albums it is pretty clear which way they were headed. The main focus of this MCD is the song “Ride On.” This is the only new track on this release and though it is a cover song, it also features Irish Folk demigod, Shane Mac Gowan on guest vocals. The feeling and atmosphere on this track are much more in line with a Folk tune, though it has enough Metal in it to lay down a solid foundation of power and intensity. The rest of the tracks are just re-recordings of older songs. The re-recordings sound good too, but though they have improved sound, we’ve heard them all before. I know that the band probably didn’t feel that one song was enough to release by itself so they added all the other material that they recorded during this session - and they’re right. The one new song might be great, but fans want a little more than that (not to mention the record label needed to recoup the cost of recording and pressing the CDs). When you just consider the material by itself, it fucking rules. If you’re a fan of that Celtic sound, this is the shit. However, with only one new track, I’ll wager that most folks will probably download it as an MP3 instead of shelling out any money for the CD. Musically, this is great, economically, this one will probably be for hardcore fans of Cruachan only.

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