Craft - Terror Propaganda (Second Black Metal Attack)

Posted on Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hmm… I don’t know how “legit” this band is because their band photos and such look awfully contrived. They look to be a bunch of Death Metal kids or maybe even a bunch of Crust Punks that have decided to wear corpse-paint and pose for band photos. Musically, this sounds very much like Darkthrone worship. The good thing about Terror Propaganda is that it is Darkthrone worship done well. Most of the time when bands worship the Darkthrone sound, it sounds like shit and contains all of the worst aspects of Darkthrone’s music. Craft has a raw sound but at the same time, it is very powerful. The guitars are up in front and the assault begins as soon as the music starts. This is raw, violent and ugly right from the beginning. For a band that looks like they’re faking it, they sure sound a Hell of a lot better than bands that are “true.” Image aside, Terror Propaganda is some seriously kick ass shit.

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