Corvus Corax - The Atavistic Triad

Posted on Sunday, October 03, 2010

This is not the band from Germany (that also goes by the name Corvus Corax, but plays Folk/Ambient and I believe already has released two albums – check the Gothic/Industrial/Dark Ambient section of your local music store) but the supreme Northwest horde. The music on this CD is so mature that it’s hard to believe that this is their first album! I have this band’s demo and though there were only two songs on it (“Son of the Earth” and “Mystagogue,” both of which are on this album as well), it clearly showed a band that would dominate the scene through superior songwriting. They haven’t let me down, even though I would have bet good money that my expectations wouldn’t be met. They have not only met my expectations but exceeded them. This CD is going to spend a lot of time in my player. The four songs on The Atavistic Triad are all well thought out, and though three of them clock in at over 10 minutes, they never feel overly long or get boring. I didn’t even mind the five minutes of dead silence before the outro kicked in - something that usually annoys the shit out of me! Black Metallers, get this one. Now. Kill if you have to. It’s worth every cent you spend, every drop of blood you shed and every year in prison that you get.

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