Coroner - Mental Vortex

Posted on Sunday, October 03, 2010

You will die, Satan shall munch on your entrails… Hey! If I can pull you away from Death Metal for a moment? I’d like to tell you about some progressive thinking dudes named Coroner. Sort of a Metalized version of Rush, this three man outfit recently released their follow-up to last year’s No More Color LP. Coroner are adapting a Techno-Thrash attitude similar to Voivod. I think they even named this album after a Voivod song off of Dimension Hatross called “Psychic Vacuum.” Almost the same as “Mental Vortex,” huh? Anyway, Coroner have wisely looked to what many see as the future of Metal. Not that this doesn’t Thrash, just listen to “Divine Step,” or “Sirens” to get a taste of how hard these guys toast. Or to the cover of The Beatles “I Want You / She’s so Heavy,” for a sample of their versatility. Overall the musicianship is top notch. What’s great about this group is that they are heavy and Thrashy, but they also play in a melodic style at times to keep things interesting.

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