Cianide - Gods of Death

Posted on Friday, July 15, 2011

Cianide, suicide, no prayers or foolish whims.
I am fucking sick of reading bullshit reviews of this album written by clueless dickholes who all seem to think that this is the first time Cianide has ever played at a pace any faster than Godzilla’s slow march to Toyko to rape the Diet building. Satan’s speed is Cianide’s speed, you hydrocephalic living abortions! Go listen to “Human Cesspool” or anything from 1996’s Rage War (I don’t think anything here is faster than “Deadly Spawn”) onward for examples of Chicago’s Most Brutal kicking 666 spectrums of ass at whatever tempos they see fit. Almost all of the band’s previous album, 2005’s Hell’s Rebirth, is this fast or beyond. I do still miss the oppressive, ultra-viscous guitar tone of the first two albums, though, but if Gods of Death were your Cianide cherry-pop, you might think that this guitar sound is as apocalyptic as it gets. And speaking of the monstrous Doom of the first two albums, check out “The One True Death” for a taste of the slow-motion, old-school glory still in this band’s veins. The lethal “Dead and Rotting,” with Mike’s Cronos-worshipping bass slides, is another key in the air nocturnal, and in fact there’s nothing here that is anything less. Gods of Death is Death Metal as it should be, at its ferocious, bestial zenith, and that should be no surprise to anyone, because Cianide’s evil always reigns.

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