Chalice - Chronicles of Dysphoria

Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You know, I might be one of the few Metal burnouts in the scene today that has a soft spot in my blackened heart for a really good female vocalist. And Chalice has a good one. Though I still think Kari Rueslatten is the best female vocalist to have ever fronted an Atmospheric Doom Metal band, Shiralee acquits herself well and doesn’t disappoint in the least. In fact, the whole band pulls out a really, really good album. The sound of Chronicles of Dysphoria is both crushing and atmospheric, usually at the same time. Imagine the crossing of My Dying Bride and Autumn Tears and you get a good idea what Chalice sounds like. All the songs are solid and the production is great, allowing the guitars to be heavy as fuck yet allows the keyboards to be equally audible. This album is one of the few I’ve heard lately that actually evokes an emotion out of me (not that I have none, it’s just rare that a band is able to emotionally move me with their music). After listening to this album for a while, I found myself getting all Gothic and melancholy - which is when I realized how good of an album it was. Chalice has the recommendation of this beast.

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