Cave In - White Silence

Posted on Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It can be argued that these Masshole once-Mathcore/once-Alt Rock titans aren’t technically Metal and therefore not suitable for the “pages” of Metal Curse, but if you want to pretend that you don’t like anything but Metal, then I’m going to pretend I’m Darth Vader and choke you with my thoughts. It’s a moot point really since White Silence - their first full length in six years since the thoroughly unnoticed Perfect Pitch Black and first in eight years since the brief major label success of Antenna - pretty much is a Metal album. The problem is it isn’t a very good one. The first two songs are so uncharacteristic of the band at any phase of their career, I had to double check to make sure I put the right CD in. It’s noisy, sloppy, aggro-Sludge like Cursed or Old Man Gloom, or something similarly horrible beyond words. A far cry from peaking at #169 on the Billboard 200. “Sing My Loves” is an epic track that really saves this album from complete worthlessness. Not quite the technically ferocious Metalcore the band started out playing, nor the Radiohead-inspired Alternative style they would eventually evolve towards, but a perfect balance in between. Imagine The Beatles playing Doom Rock! Unfortunately there isn’t much else on the record to savor. “Summit Fever” is a heavy but hummable number that wouldn’t sound too out of place on Creative Eclipses or Jupiter, but that’s about it. Even the acoustic tracks that echo past solo efforts of frontman Stephen Brodsky sound uninspired and thrown together with no emotion. Hopefully this is just one of those clear-the-cobwebs kind of records that sometimes need to exist after a long hiatus and the creative juices will start stirring again soon, but overall, White Silence fails on just about every level. While I’ve got this rare chance to bark about Cave In, I want to take the opportunity to apologize to the band for never printing the interview I did with them a decade ago. My zine [The truly excellent Portrait of Defiance -Editor] went under due to the gayness of the internet and me not being rich. Secondly, to every person at every music mag I’ve ever read that talks about the solid but criminally overrated Until Your Heart Stops like it is the greatest album in the history of time: when it comes to heavy Cave In, Beyond Hypothermia is WAY better. Suck it.

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