Catholicon - Lost Chronicles of the War in Heaven

Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010

Freaky intro. What’s odd is that the guitars sound good, the drums sound okay, but when everything, including keyboards, vocals, and bass, is put together it doesn’t sound quite as good. These guys are scribes of Satan’s conquests. Black throughout. Scratchy screaming vocals to boot. Usually slower auditory evil with some faster parts. I think they kill more with their slower riffs like in “Eve Bewitched,” which is confusing to find an upbeat track such as “Ashes of Eden” right after. It’s a soulful keyboard and guitar tune. But Satan doesn’t really have a soul, it’s more like a black hole where gravity sucks in and crushes all the souls of hypocrites and the damned. It probably helps if you visualize the rain sounds as raining blood for that song. Maybe these guys can’t decide whether they’re Black and at war with Christianity or just… happy. As a chronicle, the movements flow together seamlessly, with highlights being the sludge slower parts. But somehow it all slowly runs out of steam. Favorite track, “Thorns of the Crown.”

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