Catamenia - Bringing the Cold to Poland (video)

Posted on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oddly, I don’t think that I’ve ever heard this Finnish band before, despite it being around for over a decade. Usually that’s a bad sign, but not completely this time. Stylistically this is melodic “Black” Metal, with some occasional Flokish influences, plus a dash of Gothic Metal, I guess, here and there and a strong Euro Power Metal undertone, or something equally wimpy. That said, it’s usually not a bad combination, with rare moments of greatness. For reasons unknown to me, the band has more than one lead singer, which is never a good idea, and especially sucks ass here, with one of the guys turning in an absolutely embarrassing performance. The video (16x9 anamorphic) is good, although notably less stunning than on most of the other Metal Mind DVDs, and audio (DD 5.1, of course) quality is excellent. But this wasn’t filmed in front of the usual (for Metal Mind videos) huge festival crowd (in fact, the crowd is small, doesn’t seem all that into the band, and decreases over the course of the show) and that’s a real distraction. It’s also slightly weird to hear Catamenia cover Satyricon, even if it is “Fuel for Hatred.” The guys also do a W.A.S.P. cover (“I Wanna Be Somebody”), which is just kinda wrong in execution. And that’s not a bad description of the band in general. They have the chops, but after watching this DVD I realize why I’d never heard of them before. Naturally there are the standard bonus features, including some video clips, an interview, photos, and so on, plus the band’s 1995 and 1996 demos, audio-only, of course, which I liked a lot more than than the live show…

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