Carnival of Shame - Go Tell Mother

Posted on Sunday, September 26, 2010

These guys occasionally remind me a little of the Misfits. Sometimes it’s more like Billy Idol, but way more raw. Sometimes even a little like Gang Green. Some of the songs are brilliant, such as “Swan Dive” and “Babe Truth.” Both of which were recorded in 1990, along with only 3 other songs. The remaining 5 songs were recorded in 1988. The CD version contains 3 bonus live tracks, which aren’t nearly as exciting as the rest of the LP. I liked all of the studio tracks, and I think the only problem this band might face is the fact that this style sounds, to some, a bit dated. Personally, I like it. But I like a lot of shit. Carnival of Shame is difficult to classify as exactly one kind of music; the song “Christine” could easily go somewhere as a single, but that will never happen. I guess I would hate to see a thirteen-year-old trendy girl with a CoS T-shirt.

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