Caliban - The Awakening

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2010

When enough people like something, it becomes cool to say “it’s dead.” You see this in every fucking Metal magazine you pick up. “Metalcore’s dead, metalcore’s dead!” Even the Metalcore bands are saying it. “Metalcore’s over, we should all go listen to god awful shit like Mastodon, Genghis Tron, Baroness and Gojira now!” Then you read the mag and find raving, glorious reviews of nearly every Metalcore album, not to mention 173 Metalcore ads. These cocksuckers were saying Death Metal was dead during the Columbia era. Never afraid to stray from the herd, I still like Metalcore, like everything else, when it’s done well. Which leads me to this review. Caliban’s new album is awesome. They could give less than a fuck about these trendfucking haters, they have essentially not changed a thing since 2003’s Shadow Hearts. Hey, if it ain’t broke… ? Brutal breakdowns, heartfelt choruses, At the Gates-worship, it works when you’re good. Caliban still stand aside Heaven Shall Burn as Germany’s Metalcore kings. Tell me it’s dead after listening to: “I Will Never Let You Down,” “My Time Has Come,” “I Believe,” and “I’ll Show No Fear.”

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