Caledonian - Acolyte

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2010

This band might have an inverted cross in their logo but they are quite a long way from being a Black Metal band in the traditional sense. This band’s music is more akin to that of Moonspell or Tiamat with a little bit of the more Classical moments of Cradle of Filth. Yes, this is a Goth Metal band. Long on Goth, a little short on the Metal, but all of it is pretty good. I kind of figured that Caledonian was going to sound this way based on the fact that they have a female vocalist who is a permanent member of the band - and yet they have a session drummer. That kind of tells you something right there. When the female vocalist is more important than having a full-time drummer, you know this spells Goth Metal right away. A good Goth Metal band, however, must have the heaviness of Metal with the feeling of Goth. Caledonian manages to capture a good dose of both on Acolyte. The songs have that sad, melancholic air that makes for good Goth music. The Metal parts are a bit on the Traditional Metal side, owing more to the melodic bands than the brutal aspects of Death or Black Metal. If you like a little depression but don’t want to plunge headlong into suicidal Doom, the likes of Caledonian will no doubt appeal to you.

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